I have been in this incredible season of learning new things about God. It often seems like just when I am getting a good grasp on things, God shakes me up and reminds me that this is His idea and His plan… not mine. I have grown very comfortable with the idea of being a “worship leader”. I have found myself lately just going through the motions and doing the typical “worship leader thing”. Meaning, listen to the songs, rehearse, think of something spiritual to say during the set and then go out and do it. However, I have quickly learned I am missing some key components like: setting my heart before the Lord, spending time in prayer and thanking Him for choosing me to be an extension of His hand.

When we get comfortable in our surroundings, or comfortable using our gifts, it can quickly become routine. What we don’t realize is that every day there is a chance and an opportunity to see people won for Christ. There are people in the audience who are desperate for an opportunity  to seek God, and the service I get to lead might be the first time they ever seek Him. The worship environment has nothing to do with me or the band, but everything to do with making Jesus the center. God didn’t call me to sing, or to be a great performer…. He called me to lead people to Him through worship.

Alexander MacLaren once said, “Fruitful and acceptable worship begins before it begins.”