I just got back from the studio working on a song that we are calling "the clapper." It is only named that because we like to clap to it (you'll understand when you hear it). Anyway, today we were songwriting and I wanted to share a thought that I learned about it. One of the hardest things about songwriting is how personal it is. Kaitlyn, Levi, a lot of different musical tastes and preferences. We each hear melodies and chord structures differently. We each could say the same lyric in many different ways. Music is art. It is expression and there are many ways to express. This is where the songwriting process get's uncomfortable. 

So here is the songwriting tip: hold everything with an open hand. 

Too many times I catch myself going into a songwriting session with closed hands. I know what I want. I know what I want to say. I know what I want it to sound like. I know what I want to hear. But the problem is that very few of the greatest songs ever written were written by one person. Most songs are collaborations; that is how new things are created. The truth is, I am limited by my own preferences, tastes, and experiences. But when I come together with other people the limits come off. We come together and make something new. 

For a control freak like me, it is hard to listen to others ideas at times. But I am learning to hear something in new ways and see it from someone else's perspectives. The only way to make a musical chord is for different notes to be played at the same time. That is what we do when we write songs. We bring different experiences, styles, tastes, and preferences together. When they come together they make something new, beautiful, exciting, and memorable. How much more should we as the church learn how to do that?

So be vulnerable to share your ideas and even more vulnerable to hear others ideas. That's my songwriting tip for the day.