“Lead Me” is such a meaningful song to me. I remember sitting in a room working on the lyrics and thinking I had so much I wanted to say in this song, but I couldn’t find the right words. I opened my Bible to Psalm 119 and began to read and one verse stood out to me; “I rise early, before the sun is up; I cry out for help and put my hope in your words”. This verse is how these lyrics came to be.

I Seek you at the rising of the day. For you see the things I cannot see. Help my heart to always trust in you. For I know you’re good in all your ways.

So often, we try to determine our steps. We like to be in control of every situation and do our best to always be in the know about everything. I remember reading this verse, stopping, and thinking, “what if I started every day with Jesus? How would my life change? What if I trusted him enough to know that He would orchestrate my day-to-day and that He would take care of me?” God knew me before I was born so why wouldn’t I trust Him to see and take care of the things I can’t control?” My mind began processing these questions and I realized that my issue isn’t necessarily control, my issue is trust. I still sometimes struggle to believe that God will take care of me and help me overcome any issue I may face. I am still learning to completely remove my desire for control and trust instead in God’s control.

Trusting God’s control is a battle many of us face daily. There are distractions and opinions all around us that can sway us to the left or to the right. But I truly believe that when you wake up in the morning and you start your day with Jesus, He gives you the strength to conquer anything. He will fight your battles and He will always be faithful.