We have been working on our new EP and stretching ourselves a lot in the process. Kaitlyn and I are admittedly way better at leading worship than writing songs for it. Song writing is a lot of fun for us but it is definitely not our greatest strength. SO for those of you who are learning and growing like us, here is a quick thing we are learning about song writing. 

When we started writing years ago with Crossing we worked with one of the best song writers we know, our dear friend Connor Hedge. Connor is one of those people who talent pours out of his eyeballs. Connor can play any instrument he touches. He has a brilliant ear for melody and can write some powerful truth. On top of that he actually knows how to track well. So if youre looking for someone to produce you, we'd recommend him. Anyway, off topic...

Working with a guy like that is so fun, but it also helps you see what areas you are not strong in. Kaitlyn and I used to think we had to be that to write songs. We worked hard to do that and be all of that, but were always frustrated with ourselves because we weren't. We recently sat down and talked about a song idea. I realized that I am a lyricist. I think about lyrics and concepts and ideas. It is what I am good at. Kaitlyn, will tell you that she does not write lyrics but she is strong at writing melodies and focusing a song down. When we try on our own we don't get much done and end up frustrated, but when we come together we can create something great. 

Our tip for song writing is this- don't do it alone. You don't have to be the guru of song writing. Know your strengths and write with people who compliment your weaknesses. If you are good at something (or everything like Connor) don't shy away form that, be proud of your strength and use it for the glory of God, the growth of His Church, and His expansion of His Kingdom.