I'm going through a crazy season of change and growth. I'm not so fond of change but with that change I have altered a lot of my priorities. When I stop running around or being busy and I sit down, my mind always jumps to the negative. I instantly think about the things I'm struggling with or insecurities I'm facing. I start a new job in three weeks and I've had a lot of time on my hands. So instead of sitting, I've been reading my bible, reading books, writing music, baking, working on the house etc. I am filling my life with positive things.

It always blows my mind how fast the enemy can move in. You can go from a great day to the worst day in a matter of seconds. Change has always been a way the enemy has taken advantage of me. But instead I have filled my heart and my mind with the reminders of the goodness of Jesus. That never changes. During this break and this resting period I have felt my mentality adjust and seen the enemy be silenced. I have made the choice to have a heart of gratitude and have been extremely thankful for all that I am learning.

My bible is first. That's been my biggest change. Staying in the word has kept my mind so much healthier. I'd encourage you to do the same :)