We get a lot of questions about the basics behind being leading worship. Being prepared may be the most important part. So here are three thoughts about preparation. 

1. Being prepared spiritually is the most important part. There's nothing more or less to it.  Have a relationship with the Lord that is bigger off the stage than on it 

2. Practice is vital. The main singer is not the only worship leader on that platform. Everyone is! Everyone is on that platform to lead worship. Whether you play drums, piano, bass, vocals, electric, etc. So it is extremely important that you come prepared. We use three different terms to talk about how we prepare. We have a practice, rehearsal, and sound-check. First, Practice is learning something new. We practice together but primarily we practice on our own at home. Second, rehearsal is when we come to put together things we have already practiced on our own. Last is sound check. Sound check is when we come to make sure what we have rehearsed will actually be communicated well through the sound. Sound check is actually for the FOH engineer not for the worship team. People often say, “Well I thought sound check was for practicing everything.” Not necessarily, if you have questions about that specific service, then yes, ask them, but you should already have the music already learned.

3. Respect. Preparation is about respecting everyone enough to do your job. It is disrespectful and a waste of people’s time if they come prepared and you have not even listened to the song. I would encourage you to stretch yourself, memorize your music, and show up to sound check without music and ready to go. Make this fun for everyone. It’s a team effort, so make sure you are a team player. Preparation is about respecting and loving your congregation enough to come prepared. Preparation is about respecting and loving your God enough to serve Him with the best you have.