We were recently asked to each share a "worship leading 101" tip with a group of young worship leaders and here are our responses.

Kaitlyn: Being the "worship leader" does not make you better than everyone else. What I mean is that in our culture the leader can often get this idea that they are the most important person. We can easily fall into the trap and believe the lie that we are necessary, inexpensible, and more important than we really are. So for those of you who are the worship leaders do yourself a favor and work hard to avoid that stigma. lead your team with respect. Encouragement goes a long way. You want to build a team that operates out of respect for one another. That sort of team and respect will only come when you keep the first thing first and that is Jesus. Remember Who called you to do what you do, and more importantly remember his model of leadership. Although Jesus was God He did not count equality with God a thing to be grasped but He became a servant. Be a servant leader.

Christian: My tip is a little more on the practical level. I got the idea from Anthony Skinner's Worship Leading Handbook. In it he brought up this concept that I call the 15/15/70. 15% of your congregation will not want to follow you no matter what. 15% of your congregation will follow you no matter what. And 70% of your congregation just wants to be lead. We often are crushed and distracted by the 15% who will not folow us or we are too focused on and distracted by the other 15% that will go with us no matter what. We really need to focus on the 70% of our congregation that wants to be lead. We often see people staring at us or half-singing and get discouraged but in all reality those are people who are just trying to decide if they want to follow you. They do want to be lead but the question is "will you be their leader?". We should work hard to engage all the different people in the room: people who have been in the faith their whole lives, people who are skeptical about Jesus, and people who are growing in their faith. Let us lead them all well.