This summer we have had the privilege of traveling with some great musicians. Here are some of their reflections about touring with a worship band. 

Levi Ligier:

Being on the road has been a ton of fun. It has always been one of my dreams to go on tour with a band and bless people through music. This summer has taught me that, though it may be a lot of work, you can accomplish your dreams and do amazing things if you trust in God and truly put your mind to it. It has also taught me that musical consistency is more valuable than musical complexity. Philippians 4:13

Cade Legat:

Being out on the road for 2 months has taught me many things. It's taught me that my home is not just a city, it's wherever God is. It's taught me discipline to create excellence in my God-given giftings. It's taught me grace in many different ways. Like how to be gracious and receive grace, as well as just reminding meof God amazing Grace towards me. Touring has always been one of my dreams and being out here has shown me how much hard work it is and how faithful God is.

Being out here drumming has taught me to play simpler and cleaner. That more drums or faster drumming doesn't mean a better drummer, but just doing what the songs call for and performing it well. In acoustic settings it's taught me to be more ambidextrous.

Jon Stariha: 

One of the most important lessons I’ve learned is the power of consistency. Consistency in music is vital, because you have to know that you know your parts inside and out for each song and set and event. Even when you are exhausted, sick, or emotionally flustered (all of which can be experienced throughout tour for a number of reasons), you have to be able to play with excellence and trust in your muscle memory and ability to carry you through. That flows into the next point, consistency in character. In order to make your experience as a touring musician as enjoyable and fruitful as possible, you must remain centered in what matters the most: God. By keeping him as your top priority, you will have a strong foundation to fall back on when you're at a low point, and he will help carry you through all of the experiences you will have.