Where in the stages of writing or next album and seven thinking a lot about songwriting. It's not my greatest strength but it is something that I want to be more effective at. I realize my tendency in songwriting is to take anything that flows out of me and write it down. I think it's a great place to begin songwriting. If you want to song right you need to do it repeatedly. You have to write. And write. And write. And write. And write.

But let me add a caveat to that. The danger for Christian song writers is that we write for the song instead of writing for the Lord. It's a danger that I catch myself and all the time. Sometimes I'll be in a quiet space and Song will just flow out of my heart. In my immediate reaction is to write it down, record it, and think of how I can use it for the church or project. But in all reality all of my songs need to just be for Jesus. And then maybe they might be useful for the church. I think a lot of us have writers block, and truthfully I often have writers block, because I write to write. Again, we have to work at songwriting and do it repeatedly. But my point today is to consider maybe we wouldn't have a hard time writing if we just spent more time worshiping. On our own. In the quiet. Not for a song. Not for church. Not for an album. But just for Jesus.