Last week we had the privilege of traveling to one of our favorite places to be- Sacramento. While we were there we got to hang out with Eddie and Gabby DeLarosa and the whole Nor Cal / Nevada Crew. We could probably spend this whole blog talking about how great this team is, but that's not the point here. While we were there we got to do one of our favorite things - talk with people about worship leading. In our three breakout sessions in Sacramento, one topic kept coming up. 

Everyone on a worship team is a worship leader.

That is the truth. In our experience we have realized that every person on the stage will be leading someone in worship. Some people may be drawn to the drummer, or a guitarist, or a singer, but everyone on that stage is working to point people to Jesus. We have seen a trend in churches where people have a worship leader and then a worship team, but that phrasing can be misleading. When there is a worship leader, what does that make everyone else? But when everyone is a worship leader, that changes the whole dynamic and responsibility of the team. 

One thing, I (Christian) have done in my local church context is getting rid of the "worship leader" title. All of our singers are called "front line" because they are the front group of people leading worship. We have our band. And then we have a team leader (traditionally known as the worship leader). The team leader's job is to make sure everything is happening to make sure the whole team leads worship well. All that to say, we really believe that everyone on the stage is a worship leader. Making changes in our teams to promote that idea has made a huge difference for us, and we hope it does for you.

Thank you for what you do to build the local church. WE love and believe in you. Let us know how we can be a recourse to you in any way.