Hey Everyone, 

Sorry for the lack of blogs. We are writing these days, not much in the terms of blogs but a lot in the terms of music. So we really have not thought about blogging. 

Our last project with Crossing was a blast for us to do it. The focus was on the Kingdom of God and what it means holistically. Right now, we are working on some songs but songs that mean something to us and our communities. 

As many of you know both Kaitlyn and I pastor students. Kaitlyn is a youth pastor in Everett and I am a college pastor in Kirkland. We both love the work we do and the people we do it for is why we even write music. So as we have been working on our next project we have been really really slow. If you know Kaitlyn and I, slow is not what we like or do at all. But right now that's the best way we know how to be faithful to what we have ahead of us. 

Anyway, we are proud of us and we are thankful for how you have been a part of our journey. More to come. Live fearless. Nothing But Grace.